A Guide For Busy Moms – School Lunches Made Easy

When you’re trying to get yourself and your family ready for work and school on busy mornings, packing a lunch might seem like the least important part of the process. Between jackets, socks, homework, and report cards, what goes into your child’s lunch box falls farther down the line and is often determined by convenience. 

The grind of the day-to-day doesn’t have to detract from the care that goes into your child’s school lunch. There are easy options that will provide the nutrition that your family needs. 

Try these three lunches the next time you feel pressed for time. 

1. DIY Lunchables 

Remember that charcuterie board you made for the game night over the weekend? Monday morning is the perfect time to capitalize on the cheeses, nuts, meats, and crackers leftover. A home-made “Lunchable” spread is familiar, delicious, and sure to make your child feel like they are privy to some secret underground lunch club serving only the best meats and cheeses. Plus, by adding a variety of foods, you can ensure that they are getting the balanced nutrition they need. 

2. Tortilla Pinwheels

Rollups and pinwheels are easy to throw together in a hurry–and they beat out the blase presentation of a sandwich. Any deli-sliced meat, cheese, mayonnaise, or mustard, and a few toppings make a hearty school lunch that’s easy to throw together in a hurry. Want to spice it up a bit? Instead of a pinwheel, keep things flat, skip the lettuce, and make a quick quesadilla. By substituting a few ingredients, you’ll keep your kid delighted. 

3. West End Fresh Salads

What’s easier than reaching into your fridge for a fresh chicken salad or pimento cheese from West End Fresh Salads? Nothing! Our southern-style chicken salad makes the perfect foundation for quick and easy school lunch. Pack your child’s lunchbox with a serving of chicken salad and crackers for a quick meal that’s packed with fresh ingredients. Our traditional or jalapeno pimento cheese packs a ton of flavor as well. With West End Fresh Salads, you can rest assured you’re getting the best ingredients without compromising flavor. 

Being busy doesn’t mean that you have to skimp out on nutrition or flavor. West End Fresh Salads make it easy for busy moms. Reach for what you know your kids love.