The Benefits Of Fresh Ingredients

Eating fresh ingredients has long been recognized as one of the best ways to stay healthy, and at West End Fresh Salads, we’re passionate about bringing the finest and freshest ingredients to a grocery store near you. But what’s the big deal about fresh food? Is it really that good for you? We take a look at some of the main key benefits of fresh ingredients and how you can implement them into your diet. 

Mood-Boosting Benefits

Eating fresher can make you feel better! One of the main benefits of eating fresh ingredients is a boost in mood which is attributed to the higher levels of serotonin. Eating fresh ingredients can also make you feel more energetic and less tired, as they’re easier for your body to digest and break down. By choosing items that haven’t been treated with preservatives, flavorings, or additives, you’ll have a more nutritious diet, with greater variation.

Helping The Environment

Eating fresh food is not only good for your health but it’s better for the environment too – fresher produce means less packaging and lower carbon emissions! Eating fresh, local food means less transportation, and it takes a lot less energy to grow fresh lettuce than to grow, harvest, treat, package, and transport the ingredients to make a sauce in a jar! 


Maximum Nutrition

One of the most important benefits of fresh ingredients is that they contain more nutrients than their canned, tinned, or frozen alternatives. The vitamins and minerals in fresh produce start to decline from the moment it’s picked, which means eating fruits and vegetables straight off the vine provides you with more vitamins than those which have been sitting on a shelf for days or weeks. Fresh produce doesn’t require a long journey before it gets to your plate, so its nutritional value is preserved. Foods like canned vegetables are an example of how we’ve managed to store produce for longer, but the process strips out many of its original nutrients, meaning you’re missing out! By eating a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, your body has access to a greater range of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy heart, bones, muscles, and more. 

Superior Taste

One last benefit of eating fresh ingredients is that they taste so much better – this may sound obvious, but nothing can compare to a fresh salad, with ripe tomatoes, tasty avocado, or succulent chicken, bursting with flavor and natural goodness. Fresh ingredients are essential to maintain a healthy and varied diet, so next time you’re in the supermarket or produce aisle at your local grocery store – take a moment to read labels and think about what it is that you’re buying. 

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