The Ultimate Tailgate Party Guide

If you happen to be tasked with planning the ultimate tailgate party, you’ll have quite a few things to consider if you really want to make your party something to remember. You’ll need to plan for food, drinks, entertainment, seating, and maybe a unique theme if you want to be sure that all attendees go home satisfied and happy. Here are some thoughts on how you can pull it all together and provide your friends with a tailgate party for the ages.


The cardinal rule about planning food for a tailgate party is to make sure you have plenty of it. The last thing you want to do is run out of food for many hungry sports fans, most of whom are consuming alcohol that will increase their appetite. 

In addition to the traditional burgers and hotdogs, you might also want to consider sausages, kebabs, steaks, and barbecued ribs. The absolute best complement to these tailgate party foods would be some delicious and convenient West End Fresh Salads, such as the popular Chicken Salad or even the entire meal pack! Make sure to check out all the fresh salad offerings from West End to make your tailgate party a big success without the hassle of making a salad yourself.



Of course, you’ll need to provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks because at least some of your guests may want to stay sober. You’ll need to bring plenty of ice to keep your beer and soda cool, and of course, you’ll need some type of container to keep the ice in, such as a cooler. If you have arranged to purchase a keg and a beer tap, make sure that your arrangements are solid and that you’re serving a beer brand that’s a crowd-pleaser. You’ll also need to make sure someone returns the keg and the beer tap the following day so that you don’t incur additional charges from your vendor.


When your party guests are not eating or drinking, you should plan on having some form of entertainment to keep them all occupied. A popular tailgate game is Cornhole, the bean-bag game, which is easy to set up and fun for everyone involved. Of course, you could always bring several frisbees or footballs and toss those around, but remember that some guests may enjoy games that are a little less physical!


You won’t be able to seat everyone on top of a cooler or on the tailgate of your vehicle. Granted, for much of the time, attendees will be on their feet and moving about as they play games and mill around, but there will inevitably come a time where they want to sit down and take a load off their feet. When this happens, you should have a good supply of gravity chairs, hammock chairs, and director chairs, because all of these are portable and provide solid seating for participants. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to serve fresh and delicious food to your tailgate guests, take a look at our range of dishes at West End Fresh Salads today.