Your Summer Picnic Must-Haves

With warmer weather comes great options to enjoy the outdoors. At West End Fresh Salads, one of our favorite pastimes is celebrating the season with a summer picnic. There’s nothing better than spreading a blanket, laying out the food, and toasting to sunshine and smiles. 

Want to make sure that your picnic is a peak experience? Here are our summer picnic must-haves:

The Perfect Blanket 

No picnic is complete without a perfect blanket. While the red and white classic picnic setting might be the most easily recognizable, there are many modern picnic-blanket options that take your next outdoor eating session to the next level. Worried about water or sand for your seaside banquet? Opt for a waterproof picnic blanket. Want something a little more traditional? Relive The Sound of Music picnic scene with a retro blanket. Is portability a primary concern? Then choose a blanket that’s packable or has it’s own carrying straps. Whatever your needs, there are plenty of picnic blanket options to set the stage for your next picnic. 

The Right Basket 

You’ve got to have the right vessel for all your summer snacks. There’s no substitute for a picnic basket–and Yogi Bear would agree. It would be best if you had something to transport your drinks, food, and utensils that is both functional and fashionable. A wicker basket is a traditional option. Some folks opt for a more modern insulated cooler, and it does the trick. Choose the best option for you. Don’t have a basket or a cooler? Don’t fret. Sometimes the right “basket” is whatever carrying tool you might have on hand. The art of the picnic is about improvisation. 

All the Fixings 

What you’re on and what your food is in both play second and third fiddle to the food and beverages you plan on serving up. Want something simple? Water is hard to beat and will keep you hydrated. Mimosas make a brunch picnic a whole experience. We recommend serving up some of our West End Fresh Salads. Chicken salad or pimento cheese pair well with crackers, croissants, and other picnic staples. You’ll be enjoying great food, cut down on your prep time, and know that everyone attending your summer picnic will leave satisfied and nourished. 

We’re dreaming of the next time we can throw a basket, blanket, and some West End Fresh Salad in the car and head to our favorite summer spots. Find some shade, spread a blanket, and enjoy some West End Fresh Salad for yourself. We’d love to see how you serve up your salad!